Articles, Videos and More

Recent:  Video as an Introduction to Throughput Economics:

1. Improving Some Basic Top Management Decisions  (Open)

2. Learning from ONE Event – A white paper for expanding the BOK of TOC  (Open)

 3. The TOC Top Management Decision Support – Collaboration between Eli Schragenheim and Vector Consulting Group  (Open)

4.  A video about start-ups, a conversation between Eli Schragenheim and Christian Hohmann:

 5. A video discussing the six questions about the value of new technology and how they apply to new products:

6.  My first book is Management Dilemmas – I’m still especially fond of this book.  It is the one with a very wide look on TOC.  The video contains a conversation between me and Philip Marris on that book:

7. Another video of me discussing, this time with Christian Hohmann about the strange verbalization of the second focusing step: Decide how to exploit the system constraint, and how this connects to Goldratt advice: “Don’t be greedy”.

8.  Discussing with Philip Marris about the two critical flows of every organization and their respective, and different, constraints:


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