Services provided by Eli Schragenheim – Supporting TOC implementations worldwide

Eli convinces

Consulting to companies in the following areas:

  • Strategy, including building the Strategy and Tactic Tree (S&T), but also establishing the viable decisive-competitive-edge
  • Evaluating new products and new services, their potential value and the necessary conditions for successful implementation
  • DSTOC – Decision Support the TOC Way, replacing cost accounting methods for the critical decisions every organization has to make. The process includes the supporting software necessary to enable superior decisions, combining intuition and hard numbers in an analysis to identify the probable outcomes
  • Auditing any TOC implementation and advising how to continue
  • Assisting the development of software for management

Consulting to TOC Experts through Skype and emails for minimum charge without threatening the reputation of the TOC expert in the field:

  • Offering advice to the TOC expert for a specific project, analyzing the dilemmas of implementing the TOC ideas in reality
  • Eli Schragenheim rate for far-away consultation is just 150 Euro per hour

Eli Schragenheim is keen on win-win collaboration with TOC experts worldwide